Miyerkules, Marso 23, 2011

one small step...

 Hi everyone! (anyone...?)
That's me, trying to look all cool for the first ever post :)

I would describe this as my usual going-to-class look, something I can slouch around in, minimal accessories, minimal effort on the hair.
Comfort is always a factor for me, so I wear as much loose fitting clothes as I can get away with!
It's not always easy to dress myself the way I want to because as a scrawny creature my options are limited. I'm not sure if you can tell in these photos how short I am, or how old I am, but I can tell you that those two things don't match. During the lifetime of this blog, I will be documenting the choices I make for dressing my frustrating petite frame and little girl attributes to match or at least catch up to my age (would you have guessed that I'm in my 20's?..didn't think so ..)

All items of clothing seen in the pictures were thrifted, and the whole outfit costs less than Php. 400! Oh yes, that is one other catch, I'm cheap. I try to be creative to make up for the stingy-ness. Happy trails!

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