Biyernes, Marso 25, 2011

to the left

I don't know why these pictures don't want to be uploaded right side up :( 
I really want to share them so, here they are. I guess you just have to tilt your heads to the left or hold your laptops up the way you read a book so you can see them the way they should be seen 

Some people have been raving about the sunglasses, and I'm so pleased with them especially because I bought them cheap at a thrift shop (wagwagan/ukay-ukay) get this, for Php. 100! 

I love this outfit, and I'm really happy that the mood that it gave me was captured in the photos (credits to Carminah Garcia for taking them). That's why I wanted to post it so badly!!! but then they wouldn't go right side up,grr...

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